Construction Management/Property Management

EBS has provided construction management, contraction administration, property management and inspection services for many types of developments/infrastructure improvement programs. They include highways, bridges, airports facilities, office buildings, hospital facilities, residential facilities, utilities, churches, educational facilities among many others. Our project management system is designed on a project-by-project basis to address each client’s individual needs and the complexity of the project. Our team is task proven in such areas as field construction supervision, review and approval of contractor change orders, pay request, constructability review, punch list inspection and final certification of completion. We also understand the need to develop and maintain construction schedules to ensure that projects are completed in a timely manner and within budget, and in accordance with the applicable governmental agency permit requirements. All our field staff are well trained and hold professional certification in more than one area of expertise.

Our construction/property management services include the following:

• Construction Inspection/Supervision
• Project Planning/Scheduling
• Constructability/Design Review
• Program Management
• Value Engineering
• Contract administration
• Residential Property Managers