Project Description:
Florida Department of Transportation awarded a contract to HNTB Corporation as the prime consultant with EBS Engineering, Inc. as subconsultant for the design of about 20-mile of highway for reconstruction. The project consists of the reconstruction of the deteriorating roadway including surveying, resurfacing, landscaping, pavement making and signing and improvements for drainage, signalization, lighting, etc

Data Collection Phase
The main tasks for this phase included site visits to evaluate and document site conditions and issues, supervision of surveyors to provide baseline survey and aerial mapping. Also the review of existing plans, accident report/safety study along with the proposed scope of work, and compared to the existing condition of the highway. Additional task included existing signs inventory, preparation of community awareness plan and conducting utility kick-off meeting.

Design Phase:
Note that EBS was assigned Pavement Marking and Signing for this contract. Preliminary tasks for this phase included preparation of typical section package, pavement marking and signing package, pavement marking and signing plans, and traffic control plans. Other initial design tasks included 3R report, LRE update/cost estimate. Internal quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) reviews were implemented at each step of the process to ensure delivery of high level product to the client. Additionally, the design package were submitted to FDOT after completion of initial engineering, constructibility review and final engineering for review and approval. Following each step approval by FDOT, the initial plans/reports were updated and developed to 60% and final submittal.Final design plans were submitted as per FDOT Plans Preparation Manual within budget and on schedule. The plans were approved by FDOT and this project is currently under construction. FDOT electronic delivery was implemented for this project, and the final plans package also included permitting certifications, update cost estimate and specifications.