NE 2nd Ave From W.Little River Canal to NE 91st Street

Miami-Dade County Public Works Department awarded a contract to EBS Engineering, Inc. as the prime consultant for the design of about 0.8-mile of roadway for reconstruction. The project consists of the replacement of the bridge on Little River Canal and reconstruction of the sub-standard roadway including improvements for drainage, signalization, lighting, etc. This project was divided into two phases – the Master Plan phase and Design phase.

Master Plan Phase:

The main tasks for this phase included site visits to evaluate and document site conditions and issues, supervision of surveyors to provide baseline survey and aerial mapping, and preparation of master plan. The master plan contained layout /preliminary design of a number of alternative for typical sections of the roadway, roadway alignment and drainage system. Another component of the master plan was public presentation to residents and neighborhood organizations at El Portal Village hall followed by final submittal incorporating revisions based on comments from the public presentation. Read more...