Mic-Earlington Heights Metrorail Right-Of-Way

Project Description:
Miami-Dade Transit contracted PEER Consultants, P.C. (PEER) with EBS its sub-consultant to provide Phase I Environmental Site Assessments for the parcels that were not screened for contamination in the draft EIS previously performed prior to the final locally preferred alternative (LPA) alignment of the MDT’s Earlington Heights to Miami Intermodal Center (MIC) Metrorail Connection.

EBS was assigned 14 parcels along the corridor. We conducted the Phase I Environmental Site Assessment as per all applicable regulations and in general accordance with the ASTM 1527-00. EBS visited the individual sites and surrounding areas to look for evidence of environmental concerns, and conducted interviews with the property owners, managers or their representative. The assessment included a database search of the Florida Dept. of Environmental Protection (FDEP), Miami-Dade County Dept. of Environmental Resources Management and the U S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). EBS also reviewed the available historical records for the property and surrounding areas, including Historical Aerial Photographs, Fire Insurance Maps, City Directories, Topographic Maps, etc.

EBS found evidence of generation, use, storage or disposal of hazardous materials on some of the parcels, or evidence indicating the presence of leaking underground storage tank on some parcels or on adjacent properties. EBS prepared for each parcel or combination of parcels, a report summarizing the findings of the Phase I Assessment with conclusions and recommendations for further assessment of any evidence of recognized environmental concerns (RECs). EBS in partnership with PEER later performed Phase II on parcels with RECs to investigate the potential impacts to the soil and groundwater on each site. Soil borings were advanced on each site. Soil samples were collected in accordance with FDEP Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for field activities DEP-SOP-001/01. Monitoring wells were installed at each site and groundwater samples were collected as per FDEP SOP. All samples were placed in a cooler with ice and returned an accredited laboratory for analyses.EBS also performed Pre-Demolition asbestos survey in selected parcels or buildings along the corridor – including field sampling, analysis of samples, and preparation of final reports with recommendations for proper handling of any asbestos-containing materials found.