Project Description:
As part of the 40-year re-certification process, Building 60 was to be renovated to bring it up to current building code requirements. The EPA National Emission Standard for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAPS) final rule requires the inspection of the building for asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) and removal of friable ACM, or non-friable ACM which may become friable, prior to renovation or demolition activities. EBS was contracted by Miami-Dade Aviation Department (MDAD) to prepare technical specifications for the removal of the ACMs, and provide project management services for the project. Building 60 is a large hangar/commercial facility with hanger space to the south of the building and three-story commercial space to the north and east. This project covered about 150,000 square feet of the commercial space in the 3 wings of the building.

Technical Specifications:
EBS prepared technical specifications for the removal ACMs in the building using information from report of asbestos survey conducted by a previous consultant to MDAD supplemented by additional sampling by EBS personnel. The technical specifications was included in the bid package for contractors bidding for the project, and used to monitor the project for compliance during the abatement and demolition activities.

Project Manager/Project Monitoring:
EBS provided project management for the project including pre-construction meeting, progress meetings, review and approval of pre-job submittals, periodic site visit by the project manager, review of change orders and pay requisitions, meetings with and/or addressing tenants concerns, and consultation with MDAD staff and regulating agencies such as DERM. EBS also provided an on-site EPA AHERA Accredited Supervisor to monitor the contractor’s work procedures to ensure compliance with the technical specifications and all applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations. The on-site personnel also prepared daily reports to document progress and the percent of work completed.

Air Monitoring/Clearance Sampling:
EBS performed air monitoring throughout the duration of the project. Air monitoring samples were collected inside and outside the abatement area. Air monitoring was performed in general accordance with the NIOSH Method 7400 for airborne asbestos fibers. In addition, clearance sampling was performed in each work area following final cleaning by the contractor and visual clearance by the EBS on-site personnel. The samples were sent to a NVLAP accredited laboratory for analysis.

Final Report: EBS prepared a final report documenting the abatement activities, results of air monitoring and clearance sampling with recommendations for further action as may be necessary.