Project Description:
The Technical & Programmatic Support was an Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract for Single-family residences. EBS Engineering, Inc. was contracted in September 2007 by U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to perform Quality Assurance review and support for lead evaluation services at single family residences. The objectives were: 1) to ensure that HUD's lead evaluation contractors (LECs) were complying with their contract responsibility to obtain lead-based paint inspections and visual assessments for deteriorated paint and obtain clearance sampling on those properties for which remediation services were required; 2) to ensure that the employees or subcontractors retained by the lead evaluation contractors were qualified to perform the lead-based paint related tasks; 3) to ensure that the work performed by these employees and subcontractors was of high quality and met the minimum contract requirements.

Quality Assurance(QA) Sampling, Evaluation and Reporting Plan
EBS prepared within the stipulated time a QA Plan that was reviewed and approved by HUD. A comprehensive Quality Control (QC) Plan was also developed as specified in the contract including detail performance objectives, properties selection criteria, scheduling, review methods, standards and criteria. The plan also documented qualifications of individuals responsible for performing QC reviews with specific functions, methods of identifying deficiencies and corrective actions for unsatisfactory level of performance, etc.

QA Review LBP Inspection/Visual Assessments, Reporting and Comparative Analysis
EBS using qualified and duly certified risk assessment firms as subconsultants, conducted 1,148 individual QA inspection/visual assessments or clearance sampling in almost every State in the Country including Alaska and Puerto Rico. These individual properties were completed before or within the time frame specified in the contract
(7 business days), with the reports and comparative analysis data also delivered to HUD in a timely manner. We also prepared and submitted to the HUD HOC GTMs, monthly QA report and QC report. All our reports were prepared to meet or exceed HUD required guidelines on performance criteria, quality and within budgetary controls.

Air Monitoring/Clearance Sampling:
EBS performed air monitoring throughout the duration of the project. Air monitoring samples were collected inside and outside the abatement area. Air monitoring was performed in general accordance with the NIOSH Method 7400 for airborne asbestos fibers. In addition, clearance sampling was performed in each work area following final cleaning by the contractor and visual clearance by the EBS on-site personnel. The samples were sent to a NVLAP accredited laboratory for analysis.