Project Description

At the request of SunTrust Bank, South Florida, EBS Engineering Inc. (EBS), conducted a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (Phase II) for New River Cabinet Company located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The purpose of the Phase II was to investigate the potential impacts to the groundwater aquifer due to a federally listed contaminated property located northwest of the subject site. According to available US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) documents, the Hollingsworth Solderless Terminal Company (Hollingsworth) disposed of solvents and hazardous wastes to on-site drainage structures and a deep injection well. Following federally supervised remediation at the facility, contamination of the shallow aquifer decreased to below state limits, but contamination of the intermediate and deep aquifer persists...
EBS supervised the installation of one 50-foot deep monitoring well on the western portion of the subject site. The borehole for the monitoring well, designated MW-1 was installed using truck mounted drill rig and a hollow stem auger to a total depth of 50 feet.

Following measurement of the water column, the monitoring well was purged of five well volumes using a peristaltic pump with new down-well and drive tubing. All groundwater sampling was in accordance with current Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) Standard Operating Procedure for Field Activities DEP-SOP-001/01 and Florida Administrative Code (FAC) Chapter 62-160 Quality Assurance Rule. A groundwater sample was submitted to the laboratory for analysis for purgeable organic compounds – volatile organic aromatic/ volatile organic hydrocarbon (VOA/VOH) by EPA Method 8260B. The analytical results for the groundwater sample obtained from the monitoring well indicated that chlorinated hydrocarbon contaminant concentrations were present above State of Florida regulatory standards. Therefore the intermediate aquifer of the subject site remains adversely impacted by contaminant migration from the Hollingsworth facility.